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I've been swept into the blissful sea of GaaNaru (Yea GaaNaru! for now.. :P) for the past few days, just because of a simple statement made by Gaara in Chapter 467 - I won't let you take Uzumaki Naruto! For more details refer to previous post. I know, it's sort of taken out of context but it made me go SQUEE nevertheless! Fangirling is still my favorite recreational online activity afterall. I've been lost but now I am home.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4028133/1/Calligraphy <- This is so funny!

Dear Sasuke,

This is a formal invitation to my wedding to the Godaime Kazekage. You aren’t actually invited since you’ll be KOS, but I thought you might want to at least see what the invitations look like.


(KOS - Killed on Sight)

Read it if you have time alright people? Even though I know none of you actually do.. haha :P

Anyway today, there were MASSIVE jams on the roads because of the $1/litre promo that Shell was having. Zomg. It's really no joke, it's like the queues at the checkpoints! We were stuck in the traffic for sooo long!! SIGH.

Iluma is really very big. (Hahhaha no link but I had to mention it somewhere)

Random photos:

WTH is wrong with Bae Yong Jun?? The first time I saw this ad I was like whaaaatt? And the second, and the third. His pose and hairstyle perpetually shocks me speechless. Even now -> ???????????

Maybe that photo isn't clear enough cos of the reflections, just look at this!

Please get over the 太王四神記 image already!!

Negitoro sushi from Sakae at Causeway Point. It looks disgusting due to the lack of chopped spring onions on top, but fortunately still tastes good :)))

Going to work at expo tomorrow, with Van, giving out balloons, and at a seconday school next Monday to Wednesday facilitating a personal finance course.

Jiayou everyone! Let's work hard together!

(But I still feel so lazy... sigh)


hee hee hee XD

naruto really has to get over it, stop crying, stop emoing! c'mon! geez!


Watami at Ion Orchard

We went there because of the hype.


7.9/10, best in ION and people raving even though they queued for 1 hr plus! Wow!

So we went to try it.

The hotplate hotate was good.

The beef sukiyaki came and and it looked quite promising.

But there was very very little soup. The waiter switched the fire to the max for us. I should have noticed something. But being the non-cooker I am, I failed to until it was too late.

Anyway, we requested for more soup and they gave us this sauce thing. Which they said is the sukiyaki stock. But huh? Its so thick, almost like teriyaki sauce. How can it be soup? All the beef we cooked turned out to be really sweet and salty. (I requested for extra udon with the original order)

In the end, I asked the waiter to add hot water for us. That made the soup like soup. I'm not sure if the dish was supposed to be this dry, but how would I cook udon in it otherwise? Am I supposed to stir fry it?

Oh well. But its price point is about that of Sakae's, maybe slightly higher depending on what you order.

Might visit in the future if there's no queue :|

one piece LOL

finally reading one piece again after a very long time.

i feel so happy!

hahaha :D



I know they wanna come and separate us
But they can't do us nothin'
You're the one I want and I'ma continue lovin'
'Cause you're considered wifey and I'm considered husband
And I'ma always be there for you


and no one knows why i'm into you
cause you'll never know what its like to walk in our shoes


happy first year cute :)))


Bad food once again! :(

We had some food at Hip Diner by Billy Bombers and I hate to say this, but the food was as bad as that in Nihon Mura. We were cheapskates and went for their 1-for-1 promotion for main courses, ordering meatloaf and sausages. The sausages were edible. But the meatloaf...

Looks okay on first sight, the sunny side up egg looks happy and delicious, even..


IT WAS BURNT ON THE BOTTOM! The meat was stuck to the hotplate.. and it was impossible to separate the burnt parts from the edible parts without losing more than 50% of it.

We requested to change, and the nice waitress kindly obliged.

Then it was done okay, but the food is really nothing to wow about.

But we were lucky, the table beside us waited like 45 mins for WATER!! What the hell. They asked for their water at least, and the waitress asked them to repeat their orders. Like, huh??? If it was me I would have left straightaway. Actually, I won't even wait more than 5 mins for water. We kept signalling them to serve us water, and they did. Haha. But I went to refill the second time myself, and the overworked waitresses laughed. Not really their fault, it was a full house and there were only 4 of them.

Anyway, the unlucky table beside us had their food served while we were finishing. Their chicken was some parts uncooked and they sent it back. We left after stuffing cash into the file-thingy and giving it back to the waitress.

On our way out, the cashier asked us to pay. I told her the money was in the file. Which is not her fault really, she was vigilant for asking us to pay before leaving. But Eileen was angry angry very angry!!

Oh well... bad client base project :(

Nihon Mura = 1.5/10

Today we went to eat dinner at Nihon Mura at the Cathay after our interview. Luckily for her, Serkee couldn't join us cos of her bridging. Nihon Mura was unbelievably BAD. We had green tea which tasted weirdly strong strongly weird; maguro sushi which had a sticky and soft feeling to it; beef stonebowl which was like leftovers (see below); and hokkaido grape wine, the saving grace of the meal.

Looking for something edible. The beef was like the MOS burger type. The sauce too. So it was like eating MOS burger at 3x the price, but 0.5x the quality.

The wine was good, though. It was quite acidic.

Anyway, the food scored 1.5 because the rice was normal (wow, they didn't mess the rice up!!), and the bonus 0.5 is for the wine :)

Anyway, http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/nihon_mura_the_cathay/

Can't believe they actually scored 5.2. Sigh.

We had to eat at Saybons afterwards. Saybons = 2 thumbz up! :D

Hougang Mall



When we entered the library, Luo went to look for Scooby-Doo books for about 3 minutes, couldn't find any, and then went upstairs to the arcade. So after selecting my own books, I went to choose English books for him in the kids section.

And OMG OMG I found the sixth book of Artemis Fowl there!!!

YES!! Been getting my past supply from the SP library, now that I'm no longer a student, I was thinking of buying the book from Popular or somewhere else when the price dropped to $9.99 or 3 for $10 or $1. Yes I'm childish and a cheapskate :p

Muahahahaha :D

Driving Lessons

I resumed my driving lessons in late April after around 10 months of hiatus. The first time I was in front of the wheel again, I almost forgot which pedal was the clutch/accelerator/brake and my instructor told me to drive. It was quite a scary experience. Then it was okay for a while, until I had to switch on the signal lights and the windshield wipers started to wipe. Hahaha :(

Anyway, to my suprise, lessons have been fine. Initially I was sceptical about resuming lessons because of the instructor's inflexible timing (in case I get a job). When we were at the airport eating at Popeyes, Sheryl said her instructor's timings were very flexible.

Me: How flexible is he?
Sheryl: He's Michael Gymnast.

Hahah. Ok I know this isn't really funny here but it was really funny then :p And anyway my final has been booked under my instructor so I guess I can't really change anyway..

Still don't really know why I signed up for manual but oh well. I'll pass my final in September! :D


yay for laptop! :D

Bought a laptop from a seller from the vrzone forums. Looks very new for a 5 month old laptop :)

Other than network problems sometimes (which I've tried to solve by putting in a static ip address) very happy with it. Not used to the keyboard but its fun typing on it :)

Yay! Thanks Daddy :)


How could this happen to me? :(

How could this happen to me
I've made my mistakes
got nowhere to run
The night goes on as I’m fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Why did my laptop die again? :(((

It's the same problem as when i was in China. Everything else normal on but no screen. Tried everything but nothing. Called ACER service centre, need to pay $53.50 just to check what went wrong. $200 to repair spoilt harddisk, $600 for spoilt motherboard, depending on what is spoilt exactly. Sucks to be out of warranty :'(

Tried everything but nothing. Everything the online forums said to try, like covering the air vents with hands and waiting for the machine to heat up before turning it upside down; holding the power on/off button for 30secs to 1 min; try to reset the CMOS battery BIOS thing by opening laptop cover. Oh yeah, my first time opening the laptop cover (got else nothing to lose anyway). I also tried to seseat the RAM, which I succeeded in doing but to no help whatsoever to the situation :( Why!!

Now I have to fight with everyone else (mainly my bro luo) in the house for the last surviving desktop :((

And jobhunt is going nowhere, appiled for bank jobs but nothing. Cant take call centre jobs (from 7pm-11pm, ubi, 9 month contract), got school in September most likely. No job no money no laptop no life.




Generally speaking, it was about 7/10 as a holiday. I'll leave the rest of the photos for Van to post after she has screened them, or maybe I'll post them next time. Too lazy and tired for that now. But since i'm blogging about it already, let me tell you more about our cool (no, actually, hot) Bali holiday :)

The best part of it was white water rafting on the Telaga Waja river (above). We did it on the second day of our 4D3N trip. (4 days and 3 nights is far far too short for a Bali stay :( ) We were fetched to the river from our resort, the Seri Suites, in Seminyak. It was fun and exciting, and one time the river got so rough that Serkee fell into the river. She was promptly rescued by Eileen and the guide (who saved Van's life and face many times from mortal peril, so she was happy when we gave him a 40k rupiah tip, highest tip yet for an individual from us neowpoks). Serkee suffered cuts on her arm and knee though :( At first I thought I caused it when we had to lean back and my pedal hit something. Scary :S

Blogging like this is tiring :(

haha. 心血来潮.

anyway just to sidetrack, i was just bitten by an insect. it was painful :'(( my mama caught it was a piece of tissue and ba ta niu cheng yu tuan *thumbs up*

Okay. Then we bought on discount Polo Ralph Lauren shirts :) wahahaha :)

Then we also bought pirated dvds. We watched Zack and Miri make a Porno (funny stuff) on the second night, and Legend of Chun li and Dragonball Evolution on the third.

Legend of Chun li and Dragonball Evolution are SO VERY BAD. Ok firstly, how can Chun li ever come across as angmoh to ANYONE? I mean, come on, I'm not a diehard fan of Chun li but hey at least I know she is chinese?!? Huh?? And how many of you actually watched it to know that Chen Zi Cai is in the movie as Chun li's father? Like haha, coolll. How come it was never reflected on the newspapers? o.O

Dragonball was really bad too. Goku is angmoh (again) and so is Bulma, who does not have blue hair. And Gui Xian Ren, who is played by Chow Yun Fatt does not have a shell -____-.

They should really get someone who has played the game or watched the show (for at least 20 eps) to produce/direct the flim. What a waste of time and money!! :S

Okay, I shall now wait for Van to blog more if she wants to :) I am tired and lazy. See you! :))

(edit: actually we didnt watch dragonball on the third night, watched it last time and just brought it out to complain about beside chunli. ha ha :P)


kinder no-suprise!

remember kinder suprise, the chocolate egg where a toy lies hidden within? well, (not so) recently there was a change in packaging, i think because some kid swallowed the toy (how???) so now the became like this:

which leaves it with only half an egg of chocolate (what a ripoff for $1.60!!)

and the other side a mystery toy.

this packaging greatly reduces the suprising feelings and satisfaction it used to elicit in the past. we were disappointed.

eileen: kinder suprise = kinder no-suprise :(

dont tell you what the toy was. hahaha.


in general

three years ago i entered poly because i thought i knew what i was doing. took banking and finance because i thought i wanted this. the three years taught me i really dont. now i dont know what i want, again. should have went for plain vanilla pcme in jc?

still, it is not a mistake, but a life experience. i mean, we cant go along life thinking we know everything, we have to grow and learn, like a never-fully-filled cup. i hope i will never think i am fully filled, ever.

last exam ever is on next wednesday.

and then, we have to step out into a new phase of possibilities, somewhat limited, but a new phase nevertheless.

anyway, poly has been fun, mostly. i love you all :))

(now i dont know whether i want wednesday to come or not. haha. :( )


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