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Prague Day 1

Hi EVERYONE! I'm back from Prague!

Prague is SUPER DUPER HOT and CROWDED and when I was there! So much for being the most romantic city... So damn crowded, how to be romantic lor!

Reached Prague airport at around 6pm Czech time. We went straight to the student agency counter to purchase the bus tickets to Vienna and tickets to the city centre from the airport. To our dismay, the tickets from the airport to city centre were SOLD OUT! Since we needed to reached the apartment we have rented by 7:40, we decided to take their public transport and OH MY GOD, it was @!%!#%#*%&#$%Y@!%(@#$%@!*$!(&$@ difficult and we were running late! It costs 26 Crowns which is about $2 Sing dollars. You are suppose to validate the tickets when on board the train/bus and the ticket is valid for 75 mins allowing you to do any amount of transfers between, bus, subways and trams within these 75 mins.

Still happy and smiling on the bus to the city.

After 20 mins or so, the bus reached the terminal and we were supposed to change to tram number 22. We have no idea which is the correct way to take the tram, where is the tram station. To make matter worse, there were totally NO ENGLISH SIGN and the people DONT speak English. If the signs were in German or French or some more common European languages, we would be able to make out the content of the signs. But now, there were in Czech which looks something like this "Východ", like WTF man!

Anyway, we still managed to reached the apartment we have booked which is located in HUSINECKA (Which is pronounced as Hu-Sis-Ni-Ka) with much hassle. We asked for some recommendations from the "landlord" and she recommended a restaurant called Skelp(I thought I heard SLAP).

Waiting to order food and SUPER hungry from all the travelling

Food took around 30 mins to come and to be honest, it wasn't great.

It was some Veal meat in some very heavy sauce. The white bread taste something like Man Tou

Duck Liver. Trust me, the Chinese ARE SO MUCH BEtTER at cooking duck liver

Platter of cheese




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